Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea Party

Yesterday while the kids were at school I set up a tea party. Piper loves to have her stuffed animals at the breakfast table and feed them, so I invited a few of their favorite friends.
 I made PB and honey sandwiches cut up like butterflies. We also had cheese, crackers, grapes, and a cake for dessert. Asher really likes to pour the tea (apple juice) into the cups.

 Dexter had to be contained in the bumbo seat so he didn't destroy the party. He was fine as long as Piper kept feeding him crackers.


  1. You are one amazing mom! I love that idea!

    1. What a delectable tea party....a veritable feast of fun and nutrition...a treat of treats... Asher's shirt looks like a Threadless creation.... I think, too, that these kind of events builds their family unity, togetherness, identity, and fosters opportunities to care for one another (Asher pouring juice, Piper feeding Dex, etc).
      Go Al! Go kids! Grow and live and love and share and thank God!

  2. That's so cute! It looks like they were having fun. You know how to keep those kids busy and entertained!