Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wonderful Winter

We are having the best winter right now. Yesterday was 70 degrees. After I picked the kids up from school we got a pizza and headed to the park with Jada and Bennett.
 Dexter loves soaking in some Vitamin D while eating cheerios.
 Asher isn't a big fan of going on the play areas. Piper is the one who could go up and down the slide for hours.

 Asher spent most of the time riding his scooter. He spent the rest of the time crying when I made his share.
He is definitely a southern boy.


  1. Oh my sweet grandchildren....Dexter looks like he is going to be one of those guys who saunter along with a lazy relaxed gate and who makes girls swoon with his adorable lop sided smile...Piper is becoming such a big girl and perhaps a lot like her Gramma though the trade on hours on a slide might be for me hours on a swing at that age and older, singing at the top of my lungs every song I know....and Asher is so passionate...God give you and Nate wisdom and extra grace as you continue to faithfully channel that passion. Thanks for making my day with a new blog.

  2. I love Dexter's long locks. They are blowing in the breeze!

  3. what cuties..i hope you're visiting soon.