Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Little Lu

I have a favorite kid. It changes on a regular basis, but there is always a favorite. When Emmy turned two in September it definitely wasn't her. She screeched all the time and threw constant tantrums. The thought of taking her anywhere in public made me cringe. Over the last few weeks something has changed. As long as Dexter isn't bothering her she is pretty easy. She is still very strong-willed and energetic, but just a lot more pleasant to be around. Also, she is really good at cleaning. 

Between her better attitude and the new mini carts, grocery shopping has gotten a lot better. It has gotten more expensive though, since she manages to sneak things in her cart when I'm not looking.

 She is following Piper's lead and insisting on picking out her clothes. She really enjoys hats and will wear them all day.

This little one breaks my heart with her cuteness.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Emmy's Fall Fashion Advice

By now you may by missing the summer weather and longing to get out your summer wardrobe again. Emmy has a fashion tip for you. Take a fall outfit and casually layer a bathing suit over it. You will have the comfort of fall clothes with the feeling of summer. She recommends borrowing a larger bathing suit from a friend (or in her case a sister) so you have ample room to move around.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips from Emmy. I'm sure she will have plenty of winter suggestions.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


The hardest part of living in NC is being far away from our families. Most of them we see maybe once a year. It's really hard knowing we may only see our grandparents a few more times. My grandfather died this past year and I hated not seeing him one more time. My grandmother (Mimi) came down to visit this summer with my mom and sister. It was the most time I've spent with her since I was a kid, and I really treasured it. She is lovely and I'm so glad to have that time with her.

She spent a lot of time with the kids, and honestly I really don't see myself being as active as she is when I'm older. She was constantly reading them stories and playing games. She even played volleyball with Asher at the pool.  

 Four generations of women.
Mimi, you inspire me. You raised 8 amazing kids and have such love for your family. I hope to have the relationship with my kids they way you have with yours.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hilton Head

We went to Hilton Head for Labor Day weekend. It is still one of my favorite places on the East Coast. It's so green and beautiful. The kids loved being at the beach so much. 

 Asher just looks life a surfer. He's been wanting to learn for a while. Neither Nate nor I know how to surf, so Asher is starting with a skim board and hopefully will go to surfing camp next year.

 Most kids when they are at the beach look for shells. Emmy looks for families. She usually walks up and down the beach eying everyone up and trying to judge who will have the best snacks. The last couple of beach trips we have found her sitting on someone else's chair raiding their coolers. On this particular day Emmy wanted to be wrapped up in a towel, but she didn't want us to do it. She dragged the towel around to another family and had them wrap her up. She then proceeded to walk into the water and wasn't so happy anymore.
 This crew makes my heart so happy.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Asher is 8

Asher turned 8 a few weeks ago. This is so strange for me. I was prepared to have babies and toddlers, but I never pictured what it would be like to have older kids. I really really like it. He is way more fun and enjoyable now than when we was a baby. 

He decided he didn't want to have a party, so we went to the beach with some of his friends. This crew is so much fun. They are wild, very entertaining, and a lot of fun to be with (and loud, incredibly loud). 

 Trying to get boys not to wrestle is about as easy as taking Dexter to the store and asking him not to whine.
 5 Guys is hands down all of my kids' favorite place to eat. A good burger after a day at the beach is perfection.
 We finished off the night playing mini golf.

Asher, I am so thankful for you and all you bring to our family. It makes me so happy that you have such fun friends in your life. Celebrating you will always be something I want to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to School - Preschool Edition

Preschool started up again last week. Dexter is going every morning and Emmy is doing toddler time (which Piper calls toddler school) one morning a week. They both love going, and I'm so glad they have fun friends and sweet teachers.

I just about died when I saw Emmy with her backpack. I seriously have no more babies. 

My kids all have different personalities, but there are quite a few common traits. They are all very outgoing, extroverted, loud, and independent. I've never had a clingy child who had a hard time being away from me. Emmy went right into her class, waved bye to me, and started playing. Sometime I wish she needed me more, but overall I love having her be so independent and adaptable to any environment. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9 Years

I remember one of the moments when Nate and I were dating where I knew, absolutely knew we would work. At the time I was living with a friend. She had a house and I had the entire third floor. She also had two kids. At the time the youngest girl was 5. Nate was over a lot and would always play with them. One afternoon we were outside and the girl was sitting on Nate's foot while he was walking around. She was laughing really hard and ending up peeing all over his shoe. Nate just sort of smiled and shrugged. I knew he would be great with kids and let things go easily. 

We've been married for nine years. It's not always easy, and it's not always fun, but I  couldn't imagine anyone else I would rather be with. Nate is still easy-going, and patient and kind. He forgives quickly and doesn't hesitate to apologize (something I still haven't mastered). He supports my dreams, and respects me a lot. 

We make one heck of a team.