Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Building a better brain

Asher and Piper's relationship is complex. They fight a lot. Asher loves to annoy her. He growls at her, and chases her. He takes her toys and teases her. At just about the time I think they will kill each other they have one of these moments. I will catch them playing together nicely without me prompting them. 
 They wanted to share a seat and color together.
 I guess I'll keep them for a little bit longer.
 I now refer to this one as Dex the Destroyer. He lives up to his new name.
Asher loves to ask me what activities are going to help him have a better brain. Puzzles are on that list and he is really into them lately. We have two bigs ones (this one and a space one) that he loves to do on his own. He is currently saving his money to get the underwater one.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mess Free Finger Paints

Today we did a fun activity. I got out ziplock bags and put two globs of paint in each of them. I laid each bag on top of a white sheet of paper and then took paint tape and taped them to the table. This was a fun way to do finger paints without the mess.
Asher and Piper played with them for a while.

 We got cars and ran them over the paints to make tracks. We also worked on making letters in the paints. Asher is getting really good at doing his name.
 Dexter got to eat mangos for the first time and was a big fan.

 This is Piper expressing her disappointment that her colors wouldn't make pink.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The last few weeks around here have not been pleasant. All three kids had the stomach flu. It was awful. I'll spare the details, but it involved lots and lots of laundry. Dexter decided he hadn't seen enough of the doctor's office so he woke up with a nasty cough this morning. Of corse he picked a day where the other two didn't have school and everyone else has sick kids, so I brought them all with me. He has RSV, so we'll be at home for the next few days. On the way to pick up some medicine Asher informed me that he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. I asked him what kind of a doctor and he said "A wrist doctor". Piper chimed in and said "I want to be a pink doctor".

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wonderful Winter

We are having the best winter right now. Yesterday was 70 degrees. After I picked the kids up from school we got a pizza and headed to the park with Jada and Bennett.
 Dexter loves soaking in some Vitamin D while eating cheerios.
 Asher isn't a big fan of going on the play areas. Piper is the one who could go up and down the slide for hours.

 Asher spent most of the time riding his scooter. He spent the rest of the time crying when I made his share.
He is definitely a southern boy.