Friday, June 20, 2014

Conflict Resolution

Apparently, there have been quite a few issues that have arisen amongst the stuffed animal community in our home. We decided to sit them all down today and create an environment where they could talk about their feelings. Overall I feel like it was a success. Elmo felt very sad about missing Piper's birthday party. Twilight Sparkle couldn't find her shoes (we did locate them thankfully). Two of the snowmen have been fighting with each other for quite a while and we all decided it will be for the best if they sleep in different rooms. Piper's new pink fish was extremely angry that she has been here for three days and has yet to acquire a name. Hopefully that will be resolved shortly. The kids were great facilitators and I think monthly meetings will be necessary. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet Summertime

This is our first week of summer and the kids have jumped right into busy activities. Asher is going to basketball camp, and Piper has kindercamp at her new school. They are both having a lot of fun, and I am trying to make sure I keep all their drop off and pickup times straight. I haven't forgotten anyone yet (although there were a few close calls). 

Emmy Lu is quickly realizing that as the youngest of four her whole life will be on the go. She has probably had about six naps in her crib since she was born. Most of her sleeping occurs in the car. She doesn't seem to mind. When she is at home she crawls all over the place and is pulling herself up. 

 My silly little guy is constantly making me laugh. He goes to camp next week and reminds me about every five minutes. He is so ready to do everything Asher and Piper do. 
 I gave up trying to get this one to wear anything appropriate. She decided that she needed a winter hat and boots to wear for a water fight with her brothers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Piper Swiper is 5


  You are five today. Five. You have such a big personality, sometimes it's hard to believe you haven't been around for longer. There is such a mixture of sweetness and feistiness all rolled into you. I love witnessing how kind you are to me, to Emmy and your brothers, and to your friends. You were so convinced you were going to get a sister, and you were right. Watching you with her breaks my heart every day. Your love for her is amazing to watch. 

You are certainly the peacemaker in the family. This year has been a huge turning point in your relationship with Asher. You guys play so well together and I'm so thankful you have him for your big brother. Dexter adores you and mimics your actions everyday. I hope you continue to be a good example to him. 

There is nothing you love more than having friends to play with. I get such a kick out of watching you with them. You finished preschool last month. I'm so glad it was a good experience for you. I have a feeling you are going to rock Kindergarten. 

My little girly girl I can't put into words how much I love you. You delight me countless times a day. It is an honor to be your mom.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Little Pony Party

Piper's current obsession is My Little Pony. It was an obvious choice what her birthday party theme would be. I have a lot of fun planning parties, and this one was especially great. I have never met a child who likes birthdays as much as Piper. She was so excited for her party and was very appreciative for all the work we put into it. 

For any of your who aren't familiar with the current series, there are a lot of rainbows involved. I made a rainbow cake out of cupcakes and Piper loved it.

 We also had rainbow fruit kabobs. There is something very appealing about eating any food on a stick.
 My kids love having bounce houses at their parties. Dexter was very afraid of it this time and spent most of the time in the house.
 We had a few games to play. One of them was pin the tail on the pony. I'm glad I had extra tails since Emmy Lu tried to eat them earlier in the day.

 We also had a cutie mark (tattoo) station and nail painting. My friend Ashley ran that like a pro.
 A Niphakis party wouldn't be complete without a pinata.

 The kids actually broke it down, so Nate had to rip all the candy out of it.
 This was the loudest rendition of Happy Birthday ever. EVER.

Piper had so much fun celebrating with her friends. I'm so glad we got to do this for her.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Asher's Bucket List

I found this treasure in Asher's backpack today:

Asher's Bucket List For Summer

go swimming
ride my bike
go to sleep
go to Africa

At least he doesn't lack ambition.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye

It's that time of the year when military families transfer. This year is a hard one. It hurts to say goodbye. It's so hard to see our friends leave. Piper is especially taking it hard as two of her best buddies are moving on. 

As hard as it is, I wouldn't trade my time with these people for anything. I have been so fortunate to have known them. They have impacted and encouraged me so much. 

Finley has been such a fun friend for Piper. She is fantastic and I was so glad Piper had her for a friend. The crazy man in the photo is Oliver. I'm so glad he isn't going anywhere. 
 Look at this crew of kids. I can't put into words how thankful I am for them. I am so happy that my kids are surrounded by such caring kids.
 These two. I can't think about it too much right now, because I'm already all teary as I type this post. Stella is Dexter's perfect match in a friend. I have a feeling there will be many skype sessions between the two of them.

 I can not adequately describe Patricia. She is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. She always listens without judging, she thinks before she speaks, and she has been an amazing encouragement to me over the last few years. My heart is very sad today.
 I'm thankful for the time I spent with her. I'm also so thankful that I still have good friends here. I'm pretty sure if Clarissa ever tries to leave I'm going to kidnap her.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Unexpected Birthdays

Ya know, life with little kids is full of unexpected events. Piper and Dexter are done with preschool for the year, so we now have to find things to do to occupy the mornings. Apparently three of the kids' stuffed animals have a birthday today. Such a major event can not go unnoticed, so we had a little party. One of Piper's friends is over for the day and she helped us celebrate. 

They all helped me mix the cake batter, and were more than willing to clean out the bowl. 

 The birthday animals were Baby Pooh Bear, Christmas Dog, and Lumpy the Elephant. Each one got his own candle on the cake.

I have a feeling it's going to be a very silly summer with these kids.