Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sand dunes

This weekend we headed to the Outer Banks and went to Jockey's Ridge. It's a state park made of sand dunes. Asher LOVES it there. He did so well climbing up and down the dunes. He also really liked watching the kites and hang gliders.

There was a lot of water around the dunes from all the rain we've had the last couple of days.
My friend Natalie was with us for the weekend, so Nate rode in the back seat. Piper was very happy to have someone to look and smile at. She is such a happy baby.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the peanuts

We bought this mat for Piper, but Asher thinks all toys in the house belong to him. He likes to crawl under it with his sister, and this is a nice picture of that. Unfortunately it usually lasts for about 3 minutes before Asher decides he wants the mat to himself and tries to role his sister off of it. Overall Piper has a very different temperment than Asher. If any of you knew him back in his early days you will remember that he never stopped screaming or crying. Piper is pretty calm and content...except the last few days she keeps insisting that she needs a hula hoop. I told her we'll get her one when she learns to stand, or at least sit up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My little shepherd

Asher decided he wants to be a shepherd when he grows up. He doesn't have any sheep right now, so he is practicing on his toys. Basically all day long he moves his toys from one spot to another. He usually starts by putting them in the dryer. He takes them out and puts them in Piper's crib (I have learned not to leave her in there alone anymore). At some point in the day they are all in the dogs cage.


We bought a fire pit over the weekend, and are having a lot of fun making smores. Asher and Nate had their first camp out on Saturday night. Neither of them got a lot of sleep, but they stayed in the tent the entire night. Piper wanted to watch a lifetime movie instead, so we stayed inside.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pirate Party

Asher turned two last week. On Saturday we had a pirate Birthday party for him. Eleven of his friends came over and we had a bounce house, and a treasure hunt. All of the kids put on a pirate hat and went on a hunt for buried treasure Here is Asher trying to sneak another cupcake.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trip to Pa

We had a really good trip to Pa last week. I had been wanting to catch up with what was going on in Dora the Explorer's world lately, so the 18 hours of her in the car was really nice. I love living in NC, but one of the hardest parts is we don't have good grocery stores and places to eat. When we go up to Pa I always go a little crazy with eating. Asher may not look like me, but we both share a love for doughnuts. Piper is smiling a lot now, and can roll over both ways. She has now met all of her aunts and uncles.