Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snowman Socks

Today Asher's friend Brody came over to play for a few hours. I wanted to do another craft, but I waited until Piper took a nap. We made snowmen out of old white socks. The boys started off by putting rice in the bottoms.
 After we filled the bottom of them we used small hair ties to make the bottom layer. We repeated the step for two more layers until we had our snowmen shapes.

 After a quick snack break I hot glued the eyes, nose, and buttons on. I think they look super cute and they were very easy to make.
Asher's tough guy face.
I folded the top parts of the socks down to make a hat.


  1. those are the cutest little snowmen!

  2. Absolutely adorable, hats and all....Melody made me a snowman once in art class in highschool or middle school here, I forget....a long time ago... and it graces my dining room each Christmas season...I love it, especially because of it's bean-bag pliability. these would make great Christmas presents the kids could make one year :-).... or you could have holiday shelf made of all their different snowmen .... way to go, Al.

  3. could also have them cut out little strips of colorful fleece and cut a fringe in each end, for a snowman scarf.... :-) Also, I think the ribbed section of the sock makes an interesting change in the snowman's appearance.