Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Puzzle Making

 Last year I bought a book off Amazon titled Make and Takes. It has four kid crafts for every month. The first one I chose to do was puzzle making. I cut up some cereal boxes to start with. I wanted to paint them white.
 Piper decided she didn't want to paint hers white.
 Dexter enjoyed watching the artistic process of his siblings.
 Asher stuck with white, but the paint we used wasn't the best. I had to do about 4 coats on both of mine to completely cover them.
 I let the white ones dry and then painted snowmen on them.
 We let them dry overnight and then today I cut the pink one out.
 It was an ok project. The kids enjoyed painting, but couldn't do any of the cutting.

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I like the picture of Dexter with his finger up indicating that he had something very valuable to contribute. I like, too, that you made a photo process of the craft. I'm really looking forward to the others you'll be doing.
    Maybe regular cardboard from mailing boxes or or backs of writing pads would give you a non-glossy surface that paint will adhere to better the next time a puzzle making is tried. Oh...and a pink snowman and a blue snowman...ingenious! Lovely!