Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool time

Preschool ended for the kids last week and honestly the thought of coming up with something to do five days a week now is a little intimidating. The last thing Asher and Piper ask before bed time is "Where are we going tomorrow?". If we have a day that we don't leave the house it never ends well. Luckily for us a new ymca opened about 30 minutes from our house. It has an amazing pool with a splash zone for kids. I have been leaving Dexter in the childcare there so I can take the other two in the water.
 Ashman has a blast with all the different water features.
 Pipes is just happy to be able to wear her bathing suit again.
Nate got home from Connecticut last Friday and was able to join us at the pool over the weekend. I have a feeling we will be going a lot this summer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

Sorry for the long hiatus from blog world. Things have been crazy and hectic, and I have gotten sucked into a few books (I won't mention the titles, but I'm sure my female readers may guess). 

Asher started baseball a few weeks ago. It's pretty hysterical to watch these kids. Ashman is probably the youngest on the team. 
 I'll let you guess which kid is Asher in the above picture (I'll give you a hint; he's not standing). My boy enjoys rolling around on the ground and throwing sand at his teammates.
 He's got some pretty patient coaches (thankfully). The whole running around the bases concept still hasn't sunk in yet. He usually hits the ball and then runs with the bat in his hands in random circles.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strawberry Picking

This is the fifth year I have taken the kids strawberry picking. In my head I always envision it to be such a lovely endeavor. I picture the kids grabbing their buckets and leisurely walking up and down the rows while I snap adorable pictures. The good news is that after five years Asher is actually well behaved and likes to go to the patch. The bad news is that I still have two other kids who don't share my vision for this trip. 

 Piper picked a total of three strawberries. She spent the rest of her time asking to go potty or telling me it was time to go home.
 Ashman hung out with Jada and Bennett. The three of them picked quite a few strawberries.
 Dex crawled halfway up a row and decided he needed a snack break. He ate a few crackers, half a dozen strawberries and called it a day.
These guys are so cute together. Asher still insists he is going to marry Jada. Every once in a while I ask him why. His latest reply was "So we can hide from Bennett". I guess there are worse reasons to marry someone.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Juno and her babies

Asher and Piper have asked for cats for a long time. We decided to get two kittens for them a few weeks ago. They go by Jack Bauer and Beatrix Kiddo (the first person to tell me where we got both names from gets a cookie...but you have to come and visit to get it). I was curious at first to see how Juno would respond to these little guys. She had never been around cats before. 

She is in love. They all cuddle up together. Juno treats them as if they are her babies. I die a few times a day from the cuteness of it.