Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun

Overall, Piper really enjoys Kindergarten. Her one complaint is that she really misses her preschool friends. There is one in particular that she begs to see almost every week. This weekend a local church was having a fall festival, and it was the perfect event to invite her friend to come to. Piper loved having Lucy with her. As you can see they enjoyed a very healthy meal. They also won the cake walk about 5 times (this is why I need to keep my Y membership). 
 Asher came with us as well, and adored the rock wall.
 Piper surprised me and did really well climbing.
 This is what the little ones did while we were gone.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dexter Days

I didn't realize how exhausting last year was for me. It was busy, and I felt like all I did was run kids around. This year for various reasons it is not as hectic. I am loving it. Loving it. Dexter only goes to preschool Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. I also switched around the carpool schedule with the big kids, and this year it is much better. Thursday and Friday mornings I really try to focus on Dexter and doing fun things with him. There are SO many great classes and activities for toddlers in our town. A few weeks ago we went to Art Play at the local art studio. They have some free play time, and then do an organized craft. 

 Dex was the oldest kid there, and it was odd to think of him as a big kid.
 He does swimming lessons on Thursday mornings. He has a great teacher, and always looks forward to getting in the pool.

 There is a science center that Nate and I both adore. This past week we went to their toddler time. They did a STEM program and it was pretty fantastic.
I am glad there are so many things for us to do together. Emmy also enjoys tagging along.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The magical age of three

The Time: 3 PM

The Setting: The time out corner of the dining room

The Culprit: Dexter

The Conversation:

Dexter- "Mom, Can I get out of timeout?"

Me- "No, wait until the timer goes off".

Dexter- "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Repeat the previous dialogue for the next three minutes

Dexter- "Can I get out nooooooow?"

Me- "Yes"

Dexter- "MOM, you need to say yes I can get out"

Me- "Yes Dexter, you can get out"

Dexter- "MOM, you need to say yes I can get out right now"

Me- "You can get out right now"

Dexter- "You didn't say YES"

Me- "Yes"

Dexter- (Flailing on the floor sobbing) "I just want to get out of time out"

Me- (Trying to estimate how many minutes until Nate comes home, and if anyone would notice if I open up the baking chocolate) "Buddy, just come out"

Dexter- "Thank you Mom"

30 Seconds Later

Dexter- (Sobbing AGAIN on the floor) "You didn't say you're welcome"

End Scene 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey there, October

Oh October, I've missed you. I adore the summertime, but I'm ready for fall. I always feel sad when I have to out away all my cute summer dresses, but this year I'm just excited that I don't have to shave my legs anymore. The kids are really enjoying the weather and the extended outside time. Emmy Lu wasn't a huge fan of the heat, but she is delighted now. Every once in a while I still mourn the fact that I don't have kids that nap, but it's nice to be outside so much. You did read that correctly, even Emmy doesn't really nap. She's like a super type of baby that doesn't need to sleep. 

She still loves the grass, and crawling all over it.

 Dex loves to swing for hours, especially when Piper is at school and he doesn't need to share.

 She took a step here and was so proud of herself.
 I can't handle this face. I just want to squeeze it. She kills me.