Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Excuses-Dexter Style

I have to hand it to Dex, he has the most interesting/creative excuses out of all my kids. It doesn't necessarily help him get out of situations, but it does keep me smiling. Here are a few examples.

Dex, come and finish your apples- "I can't, my legs won't walk"

Dex, go and get dressed- "I can't, the stairs are too wobbly"

Dex, go take a time out- "I CAN'T, I HAVE A BUTT".

Dex, go in time out right now- "But I am naked" (it's not my fault he takes off every piece of clothing every time he uses the bathroom)

Dex, pick up the pencil and practice writing your name- "I can't, my hands are too big"

You hands are not too big- "Ok, my hands are too small"

Go wash your hands- "I can't, the water is too sticky"

Dex, pick up the toys in your room- "I can't, my eyes aren't working" (probably because they are closed)

Dex, you need to put shoes on before you go outside- "I can't, someone ate my shoes"

Dex, finish chewing your food- "I can't, my mouth doesn't work"

These are all excuses from just this morning. You can imagine what an entire day is like with him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The last CA pictures

My tutoring business is quite busy right now with the school year wrapping up. This poor blog is suffering. I'll post the last of my San Francisco pictures. 

While we were near the piers we walked over to the Ghirardelli factory. Piper was very excited. The ice cream was pretty spectacular. 

I love these two girls. They have such great personalities, and fit very well together. 
 Piper is following Asher's footsteps and is opening an investment account. She wants to save and go back to San Francisco.
 One of the best parts of the trip was spending so much time with Patricia. I miss her so much, and it was great hanging out with her. We got to go out a few nights after the kids were in bed.