Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Asherisms

When we are at home I've been trying to get Asher to drink out of a regular cup  (aka a big boy cup) instead of a sippy cup. He usually prefers a sippy cup and insists he is a sippy cup boy. Yesterday I told him he was a big boy and needed to clean his toys up. He responded "No mommy, I'm a sippy boy, not a big boy".

We were up in Virginia yesterday with some friends and were heading to McDonald's for lunch. I asked him if he wanted a happy meal, and he said "No I want a sad meal".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The little prince

 Last week Asher went to his first VBS. He liked it the first day, but when he realized he had to go every day he wasn't a big fan. It was at our neighbor's church, which is VERY southern baptist. It totally took me back to my VBS days. Lots of flannel boards and a church full of pews. He came home one day with this crown he made. This was the same day when I asked him what he did all morning he replied "I cried". I later found out he cried because he fell off the swings.

In other news I have discovered the website the Pioneer Woman. It is amazing. Seriously go there right now. I'll wait. I've made two of her recipes this week and man they were good. Her recipe for BBQ sauce is outstanding. For all of our York family we will be making it for you when we come up. You don't even need chicken with it, it's so good all you need is a spoon (we can make chicken with it if you want). Last night I made chicken cacciatore. We didn't eat until 7, because I am the world's slowest vegetable cutter. I'm so excited to go through more of her recipes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All about Dex

 Dex usually wakes up around 5 to eat, but gets up for the day around 7:30. At night he sleeps in the swing. This is a shot of him just waking up in the morning.
 I usually put him on the bed and unswaddle him. I love watching him stretch.

 His favorite spot is on the changing table. It's very soft and he can look around the room.
 He likes to sit up on the couch, but often gets attacked by Piper so I can't let him stay there for long.
 When I am getting ready in the morning I put him on the boppy in his crib. It's the only place where Piper can't get to him.
 I tried to get some nice shots of the three of them together, but that is next to impossible. I have to settle for two out of three.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Water babies

 Asher and Piper love swimming so much right now. We have some amazing neighbors that let us come and swim in their pool. Last week Asher invited himself over and we went swimming for the afternoon. He loves jumping off the diving board.

 Piper of course does it too. It is so cute to watch, since she is still so little.
 Asher also loves to go down the slide.
 Dexter prefers to spend water time in the bath tub. At the pool he enjoys relaxing in the shade in just a diaper.
 As you can see he is no small boy anymore.
 My high fashion little girl likes to pair up swimmies with her daddy's shoes.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Piper's 2nd Birthday Party

 To celebrate our baby turning into a little lady we had a ladybug party. The kids played pin the spots on the ladybug. It was so cute to see them get into it. Ash was one of the few who were brave enough to do it blindfolded.
 Piper had fun taking the spots on and off.

 She definitely got a lot of girlie gifts. She now has quite a collection of baby dolls (which she loves).

 We had a very yummy ladybug cake. I love to cook, but baking is not my thing. It is totally worth it to me to buy a cake. It looks way cuter and cuts my stress down.

Our sweet neighbors made sure Asher got a gift as well, of course it was a car.
 I found a shop on etsy that could make these cute personalized bags for all the kids.
 There was a paint station to paint little bee and ladybug picture holders.
Here is the birthday girl sporting some of her new gifts. She has her first little purse, a little princess skirt, and a tiara.

Friday, June 10, 2011


It has been unbearably hot lately, so we are taking advantage of our friends' pools. Piper and Asher both love the water and have been quite adventurous. I got the camera out too late, so I didn't get any shots of Piper in the water. 
Asher recently discovered little arm floaties and he loves them. He is very confident now in the water, and will literally stay in for hours. 
Dex spent the time hanging out with some of his favorite pals. This is his aunt Casie.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bouncing Bouncing Bouncing Bouncing Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

At the Birthday party last weekend there was a bounce house. Asher is in love with them right now. I love that he wanted to bounce with his hat on.
Piper hasn't quite gotten the hang of bouncing yet, but she is always up for trying new things.

It is next to impossible to get a good picture of the two of them together. I do consider it a small victory to get a shot where they aren't either crying, screaming, or hitting each other. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goats and Tractors

After the chickens we visited the goats. They were pretty rambunctious and got very excited when we fed them. 

Piper was more interested in Playing in the goats' house then petting them.
Asher also had a blast climbing on the tractor.

Piper of course needs to do everything her big brother does.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back on the farm

On Saturday we had another birthday party at the Hunt Club Farm. Seriously I can't get over how friendly the animals are. I was trying to convince Nate that I could easily sneak a goat or chicken out. But for some reason he doesn't share my dream of having a farm in the backyard. 
Piper and Asher had a good time in the chicken coop. It was the perfect size for them. 
I really think this little chicken would make a perfect pet.