Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southern Cotton

One thing I really miss about living in Pennsylvania is the fall. We don't have leaves turning and dropping everywhere, but we do have cotton. I love seeing it bloom this time of the year.Today Asher and I took a friend to look at the cotton. Asher was more interested in throwing sticks.Piper is changing so much. She loves rolling all over the place, and spends most of her time on her belly. She is trying so hard to scoot around. She watches Asher all the time, and I'm sure she'll be trying to catch up with him soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hide and Seek

Asher loves to hide in the laundry hamper. It's usually in Piper's room and every time we go in there he wants to climb in.

Every morning Asher wakes me up by screaming Mommy from his crib. From the time I take him out, until he goes to bed he never stops. The weather has been in the 70's and we try to stay outside as much as possible. We have a lot of really great neighbors that love Asher. As soon as he sees any of them he runs from me and asks them for a cookie (he know what I'll say if he asks me).
Piper had a bit of a cough today and was crankier than usual. Asher took advantage of the extra attention I was bestowing upon her by dumping garlic powder and cinnamon all over the kitchen floor.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The wrong place

Over the last few weeks I have been finding things out of place. At first I was thinking maybe it was Nate who put a matchbox car in the peanut butter jar. One morning I walked into our bathroom and I looked down in the toilet, and there were vacuum cleaner attachments sticking out. Nate hates to vacuum so I knew it couldn't be him. I am forgetting more now that I have two kids, so maybe I put them there and forgot about it. A few days later I found one of Piper's dirty diapers in a toy school bus. I knew I was getting closer to finding the culprit. Certainly, because Piper is my daughter she must be advanced. She must have changed her own diaper, but since she can't reach the trash can she must have hid it in the bus. I was puzzled a few days later when cleaning our room I noticed something jiggle in Nate's guitar. I emptied it out and found a cell phone. Now there is only one person in our house with a cell phone so I confronted him. I asked him if he was the menus who has been putting things where they don't belong. He replied OK and ran out of the room. I apologize to the other members of my family who I wrongly accused.

There will be pictures and vidoes coming soon. According to Nate I almost blew up the computer last week because there is no room left. I would put some things on our back up hard drive, but I honestly have no idea what our hard drive even looks like.