Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy boy

 Asher for the most part dresses himself now. When you tell him to put clothes on you never know what that will actually look like.
Here are a few of his latest quotes:

Asher: Mommy, Piper is a trouble maker and I am a good maker.

Asher: Mommy, Piper keeps scratching me on my big muscles.

Nate: Asher I am being a slow poke,
Asher: Daddy you are a slow poke, and I am a fast poke.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 If you take Asher out for a date and ask him where he wants to go he will always say "A haircut". This boy loves to get a haircut. The lollipop at the end doesn't hurt things either.
 Piper came and got her first haircut.
She mostly just wanted to play hide and seek with the drape. Lately every time she sees herself in a picture or a mirror she says "It's you". That's what she said over and over the entire haircut.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bumbo number 3

 Dexter is very fond of the Bumbo seat. He feels very grown up.
 He also believes he can fly while sitting in it.
He knows what to do when there is a camera around.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Last week my parents took Asher and Piper to an amusement park for the day. Dexter decided he wanted to do something that his siblings have never done so we took him to Philly for the day. In the morning we walked around the Italian Market. Nate and I both cried at the thought of having to go back and shop at Walmart. We went to Jim's and got some amazing cheesesteaks. Dex was sleeping so hard that he didn't even notice all the crumbs I dropped on his head.

We took a stroll through the historic section after lunch. It was such a nice day and I really miss living close to Philly now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Niphakis Family

 While we were up in PA last week we got to spend some time with Nate's parents and all his siblings. Taking the family picture gets harder every year since we keep adding new family members. We added Dex to the picture this year, so next year it's up to Mel or Easten.
 Aunty Easten with a sleepy Dexty.
 Piper found a toy that played music. She took it outside, turned on the tunes, and danced around in the driveway.
Little Marin playing on the stones. It was fun seeing Piper and Marin playing this week. They are almost a year apart, but are the same size. Piper enjoyed a playmate that wasn't constantly hitting her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 While we were up in Pennsylvania Nate took the kids blueberry picking with his family. Easten and I stayed back with the little guys.
 Piper is finally eating some fruits besides bananas. Neither of the kids are big fans of fruit. Today Asher chose pees over strawberries. Weird.
They got five pounds of blueberries. We spent the rest of the week trying to figure out ways to use them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The wedding

 We really don't have that many pictures, because for some reason having kids in a wedding is really difficult. I'm so glad my in-laws were there to help us out. Nate's mom did Piper's hair. I really need to figure out how to do more than just pigtails.
 Piper enjoys flopping around all over the place, especially when she is tired.
 Ash man alternated between being grumpy and angry.
 Dex was the most well behaved out of the three of them.
 Asher and Piper with Pop Pop. They all looked so nice.
We had a lot of pre-walking down the aisle prep talks. It was basically all of us pleading with the kids to walk down. They actually did well with that part. The held hands and ran down the aisle. Piper never dropped any of the petals because Asher yelled at her not to make a mess.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The rehearsal

Last weekend we went up to Pennsylvania for my sister's wedding. Asher and Piper were both in it, so we all went to the rehearsal. Asher did not want his picture taken and spent the entire night playing with the ipod. 

 Piper was pretty pleasant, except for her continuation of not eating anything substantial.
 Katie gave all of us evening bags and Piper confiscated it and wouldn't let me have it for the rest of the evening. This girl loves purses and shoes.
 Dex slept.
Piper and her aunt Katie the last night she was a Patton.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Children's Museum

Last week my friend Jamie and I took our kids to a children's museum up in Portsmouth, Virginia. It was amazing and the kids had a lot of fun. I didn't get great pictures for two reasons. One, my camera battery was about to die so I only got a few shots. Two, it is very hard to take photos with a baby strapped to your chest while watching two toddlers who are running in opposite directions. Asher loved this bus. He could steer it and press lots of buttons. He loved it so much that when Piper was ready to go to another exhibit I had to drag Asher screaming away from it (again fun since I had Dex strapped to me).
 There was a bubble room, which was great since I have two bubble loving kids.
 In this picture there is a rope in the middle that the kids pull. That pulls up the metal circle that is dipped in bubble juice. The kids got to be inside this giant bubble, which was pretty cool to see.
 This was the toddler area. Asher and his friend Jack spent the entire time wrestling and throwing large plush objects at each other.
 Piper loved the grocery store. She got a basket and walked around filling it up.
That's where my battery died. There were so many other cool things to see, so we will definitely be going back. Sorry for my absence from blogging lately. We head up to Pennsylvania tomorrow for my sister's wedding and visiting with family. I'll try to get some blogging done up there.