Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cake Baking

Yesterday Asher had a bad day at school. He was hitting some of his friends and had a hard time listening. My first reaction is to really get on him and demand a reason why he acts this way. In the bible study I'm in we are reading Grace Based Parenting. I'm trying to understand grace better and show my kids the grace that they need. I put the little two to bed and Asher and I decided to make a cake. While I was doing part of it he played in the sink. It was a really nice afternoon with him.

 He enjoyed some alone time with me and we had some good talks.
He got a little too wet by the end, so I put him in one of Nate's shirts. He had fun putting sprinkles on the cake.


  1. I would have loved to come over to have a piece of that cake!!! Did you ask Asher about his school problems under the non-offensive/defensive cover of cake making? sort of asking indirectly and pretending not to really make a big deal of it? It's hard for kids to express why they do some of the things they do? I wonder what Nate would cook with Asher if he was the one at home with him....:-)

  2. I love that boy! Your story kind of reminds me of when Eric was in 6th grade. He was at camp and was being pretty mean to some of the people around him and just had a bad attitude. A camp counselor pulled him aside and said "Eric, why are you being so hard on yourself?" It's kind of an unexpected thing to say to someone who's misbehaving, but it really changed Eric's life. I like that you baked a cake with Asher.