Friday, June 29, 2012

Bad Boys Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna do...

Last night was Asher's first official boys night. It involved a lot of eating and running and wrestling. Poop jokes were abundant and girls were bashed. It was a pretty awesome night. 

 This picture makes me smile so much. It's so them. Bennett is being silly, Brody is acting tough, Noa is always up for a good pose, and Asher can't be bothered to look at the camera when there is scootering to be done.
 After the boys polished off a lot of pizza they took turns on the scooters. I took Asher to get a special snack the other day and he picked out s'mores goldfish. Apparently it was a good choice.
It wouldn't have been a boys night without a few games of Mario. I think they finally went to sleep around 9:30. They all flew down the stairs at about 5:45 this morning (I'm just gonna guess that there are some tired boys out there right now).

Here are a few of my favorite lines from these guys:

Asher (upon seeing a preview for Cinderella): I hate princesses
Brody: Me too
Bennett: They are the worst

Bennett (to Brody who didn't want to share): You make me so angry that I want to mash a potato in your mouth

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Piper got some pretty fabulous gifts from her friends at her party last week. One of them was this cool little sprinkler. You attach it to a hose and water comes out of all these little attachments and they wiggle all over the place. Even though we spent the morning at the pool Asher has been a little restless waiting for his sleepover to begin. We decided the sprinkler would be a good distraction. 

These kids crack me up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fun

Today was one of those days where it wasn't too hot in the morning and I knew I just wanted to be outside. It is beyond awesome the have the Simpsons right down the road now. We went to the boardwalk after breakfast this morning.
 These guys are best buds. Asher is having his first all boys sleepover tomorrow night with Bennett and some other little guys. These two have spent the last few days planning all the things they are going to do. According to them there will be lots of pizza and chocolate.
 This is the outfit miss Piper picked out today (accessories and all). She lost her bracelet before we got in the car to leave this morning and was quite devastated.

We are so thankful for good friends and nice summer days.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

I'm really sorry if that song is now stuck in your head. 

About once a week Asher asks if he can stick his cars in water and put it in the freezer. We usually forget about it for a few days, so it's a nice surprise to take out every once in a while. Lately I hand them their ice, and a few instruments and send them out on the deck.
 To say Asher loves smashing things is an understatement.

Right after I took this picture he hit the ice so hard it broke the spoon...and also the car in the ice. There are many casualties with this activity.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The after party

To go with the farm theme of the party we put ice in the wheel barrow and put all the drinks in the ice. By the end of the day it was just full of water. Bennett and Asher decided not to miss that opportunity. 
 It started off by them slowing splashing each other with water and quickly escalated from there.
 They were so funny to watch.
Here they were looking for more victims.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party Food

You can't throw a good party without having good party food. Brandi and I got all of this together so everyone could eat whenever they wanted to. We made pigs in a blanket, strombolis, mini fruit pizzas, and we had a taco station. 

 Piper and Oliver got cupcakes, but it was too windy to light the candles.
 Piper very delicately ate hers, while Oliver took the head first approach.

 A few weeks ago I bought a cake pop maker for the party. I made some delicious chocolate and vanilla pops and Brandi made a chocolate ganache to dip them in. We also had various sprinkles. All the kids loved the cake pop station.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Piper's 3rd Birthday Party

Piper's party is going to be a week long event considering all the pictures that were taken. This first installment is about the animals.

Last Saturday my friend Brandi and I did a combined birthday party for Piper and Oliver. We booked a traveling petting zoo and it was pretty awesome. They brought all sorts of miniature animals for the kids to pet. 

 They had pony rides as well. Piper keeps looking at the backyard and asking where her pony went. Sorry baby girl.
 Asher had a blast.
 This tiny pig was so cute. I was really hoping they would accidentally leave him.
 My mom has been down for the week and she had Dexter duty the day of the party.

 A mini goat.
 This was the first miniature cow I have ever seen.
This llama was my favorite animal. He was hilarious. Nate said no to my request for one for our backyard.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A quick update

Gah I just can't keep up with blogging lately. The kids being out of school is throwing me off a lot. I'll give a brief synopsis of how everyone is doing and I'll try post something fun next week.

Asher is having a blast with swim lessons and baseball. I think by the end of June he'll be swimming completely unassisted. We are also starting to learn spanish and he is surprisingly liking it a lot. In order to get all of these things done and still have time for TV and whining about four hours a day he gets up at 6. 

Both Piper and Asher love to pretend to be different ages. Asher usually says he is one hundred. Today Piper has been saying she is sixteen. The problem is she pronounces sixteen as sexy. It really surprised me this morning when she walked around repeating "I'm sexy".

Then there is Dex. He still insists on crawling everywhere. I'm over it. It makes going to the beach and the pool difficult. He doesn't like to crawl on the hot sand and the concrete at the pool hurts him. He still is no slacker when it comes to eating. This morning I forgot to buckle him in his high chair. I was making some eggs and he crawled out of his chair and onto the table and started eating Piper's breakfast. 

"Mom I was hungry".