Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book marks

 Yesterday while Dexter was napping and Piper was doing quiet time in her room (not napping) Asher and I made snowmen bookmarks. We used craft foam and cut out some circles.
 Asher loves to uses scissors. He cuts with one pair in each hand.
 We decided to make a pink snowman and a blue one as well.
 I think they look pretty good.
This is what happens when Piper wakes up early, plays hard all day, and doesn't take a nap. She falls asleep while eating dinner with food in her mouth.


  1. Aww, the monster got his hairs cut! So dapper:)

    1. Beautiful snowmen, Asher. Good job! you could put them in a flower pot or flower box that has cotton balls in it on top of foam or clay or something to keep the sticks from falling over and have a little snow scene for snowless NC :-)
      and Piper.... the strong willed little cutie pie.... going till she drops. Hmmmm, maybe she would be good on Eric's campaign team :-) with all that youthful energy! :-)

  2. Eric was asking when you guys are coming up again...especially Asher. I think he misses you guys, and I DO TOO! I love the bookmarks and Asher's cutting technique, and I think that picture of Piper is SOOOO funny!

  3. That picture of Piper is too fun! She'll appreciate it as she get's older! Love the bookmark and scissor fun!