Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dex Mex

I know I talk a lot about Asher and Piper and the things they are up to. Faithful readers I know you need some Dexter updates as well.
 I don't know what to say other than Dexter is a joy to have. He is so laid back and easy. I can put him down and he'll play on the floor for hours. He is highly content just watching the craziness of his brother and sister. He is a master of the army crawl and has followed his siblings in their love of dog food.
 He still has just the two bottom teeth, which he loves to use on my face. If you get to close he grabs your face and tries to bite your chin. Sometimes if I'm at the table he'll crawl under it and bite my toes.
This is what I refer to as his Sexy Dexy pose. He saves it for all his lady friends.


  1. Dex is one good looking little boy....he has such dreamy eyes. I wonder if he laughs at his brother and sister running around like Asher and Piper used to laugh at Juno and Plato running around like crazy?

  2. Ha! The sexy dexy pose is so great. I think the toe biting is SO funny!