Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Asherisms

When we are at home I've been trying to get Asher to drink out of a regular cup  (aka a big boy cup) instead of a sippy cup. He usually prefers a sippy cup and insists he is a sippy cup boy. Yesterday I told him he was a big boy and needed to clean his toys up. He responded "No mommy, I'm a sippy boy, not a big boy".

We were up in Virginia yesterday with some friends and were heading to McDonald's for lunch. I asked him if he wanted a happy meal, and he said "No I want a sad meal".


  1. Hahahahahah...a sad meal! That is SOOOO funny. You should ask him what a sad meal is, what kind of food is in a sad meal. That little boy is very clever and I'm guessing has a strong will in trying to get exactly what he wants. but he's so adorable that he stands in the precariously dangerous position of people wanting to give him what he wants all the time!

  2. I can't wait to see my little sippy boy again! Also, did you know that someone is trying to turn The Pioneer Woman blog into a movie? It has been rumored that it will star Reese Witherspoon. Crazy.