Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The little prince

 Last week Asher went to his first VBS. He liked it the first day, but when he realized he had to go every day he wasn't a big fan. It was at our neighbor's church, which is VERY southern baptist. It totally took me back to my VBS days. Lots of flannel boards and a church full of pews. He came home one day with this crown he made. This was the same day when I asked him what he did all morning he replied "I cried". I later found out he cried because he fell off the swings.

In other news I have discovered the website the Pioneer Woman. It is amazing. Seriously go there right now. I'll wait. I've made two of her recipes this week and man they were good. Her recipe for BBQ sauce is outstanding. For all of our York family we will be making it for you when we come up. You don't even need chicken with it, it's so good all you need is a spoon (we can make chicken with it if you want). Last night I made chicken cacciatore. We didn't eat until 7, because I am the world's slowest vegetable cutter. I'm so excited to go through more of her recipes.


  1. I love that his crown says "I heart NY" - totally trying to get on Aunt Casie's good side;)I love that his crown says "I heart NY" - totally trying to get on Aunt Casie's good side;)

  2. Poor Asher!
    I also love Pioneer woman. I've been wanting to try one of her recipes b/c they look amazing! I'm looking forward to the bbq sauce!

  3. Aaawwww! My little Asher crying at VBS! What a thing to remember! I remember VBS too and believe it or not what I remember is this: Pitchers of ice cold Kool Aid or Hawaiian Punch. ooooooh Yuuummmmm! And usually a cookie or two although I just realized that my whole life I've never been a fan of just 1 or 2 cookies....it always had to be more if it was a real treat. I did get Nate, when a pre-schooler, to always ask for 1 cookie when he wanted cookies...or he was allowed to ask up to 2...Micah, not to be outdone, would always ask for 3 or more! On another topic, your chicken cattiatore looks fabulous.