Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Children's Museum

Last week my friend Jamie and I took our kids to a children's museum up in Portsmouth, Virginia. It was amazing and the kids had a lot of fun. I didn't get great pictures for two reasons. One, my camera battery was about to die so I only got a few shots. Two, it is very hard to take photos with a baby strapped to your chest while watching two toddlers who are running in opposite directions. Asher loved this bus. He could steer it and press lots of buttons. He loved it so much that when Piper was ready to go to another exhibit I had to drag Asher screaming away from it (again fun since I had Dex strapped to me).
 There was a bubble room, which was great since I have two bubble loving kids.
 In this picture there is a rope in the middle that the kids pull. That pulls up the metal circle that is dipped in bubble juice. The kids got to be inside this giant bubble, which was pretty cool to see.
 This was the toddler area. Asher and his friend Jack spent the entire time wrestling and throwing large plush objects at each other.
 Piper loved the grocery store. She got a basket and walked around filling it up.
That's where my battery died. There were so many other cool things to see, so we will definitely be going back. Sorry for my absence from blogging lately. We head up to Pennsylvania tomorrow for my sister's wedding and visiting with family. I'll try to get some blogging done up there.

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  1. I appreciate the difficulty in getting pictures when your attentions are drawn in different directions at the same sister Nancy, 7th kid, mourns the fact that there are almost no pictures of her at all when she was little.
    We will look forward to seeing you all and getting lots of pictures since you will have a number of hands to help!