Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pool time

It has been so hot here, but luckily most of our friends have opened up their pools. I watched a little boy last week and we went over to his house to go swimming. Asher wasn't too interested, but he loved using the water guns. He is definitely in a gun stage right now. He loves playing with his nerf gun and is convinced he will be able to fend off the bad guys with it.

Little Piper looks like a pineapple in her bathing suit.


  1. I love the way little boys are so believing of such miracles like their make-believe, all purpose, all efficient, all conquering guns...and the guns can be made of anything at all...even a carrot...and the bigger noise you make with it the more powerful it is....Total faith and no doubt. Would that my faith in my Father God was as pure. The difference though is that God is truly all powerful, more than any gun, real or make believe. It's Asher's faith I love so much, even if it's in his guns.

  2. And Piper is the cutest pineapple! :-) Better keep a good strong eye on her and keep her close. She is going to dazzle some unsuspecting little boy and she'll steal his heart!

  3. What a cute little suit for Piper!

  4. Love it! So adorable!