Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back on the farm

On Saturday we had another birthday party at the Hunt Club Farm. Seriously I can't get over how friendly the animals are. I was trying to convince Nate that I could easily sneak a goat or chicken out. But for some reason he doesn't share my dream of having a farm in the backyard. 
Piper and Asher had a good time in the chicken coop. It was the perfect size for them. 
I really think this little chicken would make a perfect pet.


  1. Gosh and Golly and Gee Whiz! How cute... I wanna go! Those chickens look like miniature Banty's! How the kids must have loved them. So glad you could go! A farm in the back yard, huh? Chickens are useful and good but you need to keep the chicken coop cleaned because of the strong, overpowering ammonia smell...and in the heat! but! Fresh eggs! it could be worth it. And Goats...miniature ones! they are soooo cute!

  2. those chickens are so tiny and cute...the kids aren't bad either.

  3. With three kids running around, what's one more chicken to add to the chaos, right?