Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All about Dex

 Dex usually wakes up around 5 to eat, but gets up for the day around 7:30. At night he sleeps in the swing. This is a shot of him just waking up in the morning.
 I usually put him on the bed and unswaddle him. I love watching him stretch.

 His favorite spot is on the changing table. It's very soft and he can look around the room.
 He likes to sit up on the couch, but often gets attacked by Piper so I can't let him stay there for long.
 When I am getting ready in the morning I put him on the boppy in his crib. It's the only place where Piper can't get to him.
 I tried to get some nice shots of the three of them together, but that is next to impossible. I have to settle for two out of three.


  1. Dex is soooooo adorable. Such a little man. I love his stretching and his looking around...
    it won't be long now that he'll be moving more on his own and grabbing things and interacting more with Asher and Piper. I'm so glad you have a safe place for him to prevent him from well meaning Piper attacks. His smallness accentuates Asher's bigness!

  2. Great post! I feel like I'm not getting enough Dex compared to my other niece and nephews. I like to have a well-rounded diet of eye candy. Is is just that picture or are Piper and Dexter the same size?

  3. Do my eyes deceive me or it Dex almost as big as Piper? :-)