Monday, June 6, 2011

Sibling Love

It's so fascinating to watch our kids' interactions with each other. Overall Piper is the very affectionate one and wants to be all over Dexter and Asher. She loves to hold Dex and touch him. Even though she isn't the gentlest one I am so glad she loves her brothers. 

The dynamics with Ash and Pipes are quite different. Most of the time Asher is annoyed at Piper, although it is getting better. She wants to play with him all the time and he doesn't. Things started getting better when they moved into the same room. For as mean as he can be to her, he really sticks up for her when it comes to other kids. We were at the park last week and another kid was taking Piper's snack. Asher got very upset and made sure to take the snack back and give it to Piper. 

And Dex, well he has become a smiley little guy. He also just slept through the night for the fourth time in a row. I'm glad he decided to be like Asher and Piper in the sleeping department.


  1. I love the snack story. so noble! I can't wait to see you all again!

  2. What a great smile! Can Dexter teach Marin to sleep through the night?

  3. AWWW!!! Asher is now the protective older brother :) that's so cute! Piper is so lucky to have him. Dex's smile is adorable! I can't wait to see them all again

  4. I love how Piper never gives up wanting to play with her brothers....maybe she'll be like little Melody, ever pursuing the company of her brothers, adoring her baby sister, every thankful for any interaction and blind to the offense her attentions sometimes causes and remains generous in her affections! and who couldn't adore that lovable Dex smiling!