Thursday, June 16, 2011

Water babies

 Asher and Piper love swimming so much right now. We have some amazing neighbors that let us come and swim in their pool. Last week Asher invited himself over and we went swimming for the afternoon. He loves jumping off the diving board.

 Piper of course does it too. It is so cute to watch, since she is still so little.
 Asher also loves to go down the slide.
 Dexter prefers to spend water time in the bath tub. At the pool he enjoys relaxing in the shade in just a diaper.
 As you can see he is no small boy anymore.
 My high fashion little girl likes to pair up swimmies with her daddy's shoes.


  1. I can't wait to get all the kids in the pool together!

  2. A bunch of little fish...that's what you have!
    Adorable wiggly fish...I'm soooo glad they love the water so much....very convenient for a hot summer! And little Pipes! Aaaawwww! And Dexter! Wow! He's such a big boy! It's so funny to see a little boy Niphakis with dark eyebrows! Funny in a nice way! There will be no confusing Asher and Dexter when they get closer in size. Thanks for posting these pictures....

  3. Favorite post moments:
    1) Asher's happy face
    2) Piper's tiny feet in Nate's shoes
    3) Dexter!!!!

  4. Oh boy Jack would love that slide and diving board. he loves to be in the water too and is constantly jumping off the ladder into the water. We should get the boys together soon - they could be fish together.