Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is supposed to be a bit rainy so we decided to celebrate Mother's Day yesterday in Virginia. We took the kids to the Fun Forest as soon as we got up there. Nate played with the big kids while I fed Dex when we got inside the park. After a bit we swapped kids and I took Asher and Piper over to the swings. I stood in front of them and pushed them for a while. At one point as I pushed Asher I leaned in to kiss him. He thought it was great and wanted me to kiss him every time I pushed him. Piper of course wanted to be kissed as well. Most days lately are so crazy and I don't remember specific moments, but that is want I want to capture in my mind. In a few years Asher won't want me to kiss him at all, let alone in public. That will be a really sad day for me. I will also remember this morning listening to Nate tell the kids to come in and tell me happy mother's day. Asher ran in and screamed it, Piper ran in and screeched "Mommmmmmy car". I'll take what I can get out of her. Dexter decided he wanted to spend every hour of Mother's Day with me, so he was up every hour last night. I love these kids so much, and there is nothing I would rather be then their mom.


  1. And I love being their Gramma!

  2. This post is so sweet. I love that you are savoring the moments... they grow up too fast not to. Glad you had a happy mother's day!