Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Friday

Last Friday our friend Casie had the day off work. Dexter also mentioned that he had never been out of North Carolina so we thought it was the perfect time to go up to Virginia. We picked up some lunch and headed to the Fun Forest.
Dexter spent most of the time in the stroller.
If any of you have ever met Asher you know his obsession with strollers. He loves to push them, especially at parks.
Piper is living up to her name and loves all things musical. She found some little bells and had fun playing with them.
She is also my daring child. No slide is too big for her.

Asher loved having his auntie Casie there to play with. He loves to climb on anything big. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Unfortunately as soon as I got home I started feeling really sick. I've spent the last few days with strep throat. I'm on meds now and hopefully will feel better soon.


  1. Dexter is really filling out nicely and I see Piper in him in this picture...and Asher's brow, a bit. Bless Auntie Casie! Asher's at a fun age...nice to see him happy...and Piper, this tiny pip-squeek of a dare devil... who would have thought!!!!

  2. Woah! Dex's hair looks so red in the first picture! is it really red?

  3. Dexter's looking so old already! Maybe it's because this is the first time I have seen him with his eyes so wide open:)

  4. Dexter is so stinking cute! I can't wait to see him! and I hope you're feeling better!