Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday morning we headed downtown to feed the ducks. Asher and Piper love to do this. Ash tries to throw the bread as far as he can, and Pipes just screeches every time a duck eats the bread she throws.

After we ran out of bread we walked over the the cupcakery. In my mind I thought I'd put Dexter and Piper in the stroller and Asher would walk nicely beside me. We would go in and all have a cupcake, Dex would be sleeping and the kids would be so grateful for this morning treat that they would behave nicely. Yea, that didn't happen. Dex screamed the entire stroller ride, Piper kept trying to climb out, and Asher was very very upset I didn't let him push the stroller. When we go to the cupcakery Ash couldn't decide which one he wanted, so I chose for him. Of course he didn't want the one I picked out (yet he managed to eat it all). Piper dove in head first and made a huge mess. Dex still continued to scream, so I started to nurse him. At the same time Asher and Piper got out of their chairs and tried to push the double stroller around the store. Needless to say our adventure didn't last much longer. It did help the morning go by quickly, and both kids were pretty worn out by the time we got home. Dexter took a long afternoon nap and only woke up once last night! Yea for another sleeping champ.


  1. Feeding ducks is a great idea....save those bread crusts for future feedings...keeping 3 little ones together on an outing is a miraculous feat and their seeming lack of obvious appreciation is just part of their growing up. Eventually they'll learn that their attitude makes a difference. I used to ride Nate and Micah on my bike to the open fresh market in Thatako just to fill up time and avoid boredom, or to the reservoir to play with tadpoles, but once there were 3 of them I think I couldn't fit them all on the bicycle so unless sTeve could take us on the motorbike or we went together we just walked places. Maybe Dex wanted a cupcake.

  2. aww, sorry to hear your cupcake field trip didn't go according to plan.