Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love the Montessori approach to learning. I've been gathering resources and coming up with different activities to do with the kids. Asher knows all of his colors, but I wanted to teach him about mixing colors to make new colors. While the younger kids took a nap a few days ago we had fun learning about this. I set up an egg carton and filled up a bowl of water. Asher transferred the water using an eye dropper into each carton. He squeezed food coloring into some of the crates.
He then took different colors and put them into new crates and mixed the colors together. He loved doing this. Our activity ended a bit abruptly when we realized there were holes in most of the crates. Maybe we'll do this activity outside next time.

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  1. Ally...that's perfect, using the white styrafoam can see the colors so well....How fun for Asher...Way to go, Niphakis mum! Way to go!