Saturday, September 26, 2015


The hardest part of living in NC is being far away from our families. Most of them we see maybe once a year. It's really hard knowing we may only see our grandparents a few more times. My grandfather died this past year and I hated not seeing him one more time. My grandmother (Mimi) came down to visit this summer with my mom and sister. It was the most time I've spent with her since I was a kid, and I really treasured it. She is lovely and I'm so glad to have that time with her.

She spent a lot of time with the kids, and honestly I really don't see myself being as active as she is when I'm older. She was constantly reading them stories and playing games. She even played volleyball with Asher at the pool.  

 Four generations of women.
Mimi, you inspire me. You raised 8 amazing kids and have such love for your family. I hope to have the relationship with my kids they way you have with yours.


  1. a beautiful picture of all you ladies!!! Your mimi passed on her smile and facial structure to you all :-) .... a wonderful heritage.

  2. Ally, so glad that she was able to come and be a part of your family's world for a week. Thank you for being so welcoming! I too was amazed by how she joined in on all the activities. Just hope I'll have some of my Mom's energy. Thanks to Katie, too, for making the trip possible by providing the vehicle and sharing the driving (especially the long trek home!)