Monday, September 21, 2015

Asher is 8

Asher turned 8 a few weeks ago. This is so strange for me. I was prepared to have babies and toddlers, but I never pictured what it would be like to have older kids. I really really like it. He is way more fun and enjoyable now than when we was a baby. 

He decided he didn't want to have a party, so we went to the beach with some of his friends. This crew is so much fun. They are wild, very entertaining, and a lot of fun to be with (and loud, incredibly loud). 

 Trying to get boys not to wrestle is about as easy as taking Dexter to the store and asking him not to whine.
 5 Guys is hands down all of my kids' favorite place to eat. A good burger after a day at the beach is perfection.
 We finished off the night playing mini golf.

Asher, I am so thankful for you and all you bring to our family. It makes me so happy that you have such fun friends in your life. Celebrating you will always be something I want to do.


  1. And I'm the gramma of an 8 year old, my first grandkid. Asher, you are such a unique kid... I love you very much :-) I thank God for blessing our lives with you.

  2. So glad it was such a fun day! Looks like they all had a blast. Enjoy being eight, Asher! We love you so much!