Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hilton Head

We went to Hilton Head for Labor Day weekend. It is still one of my favorite places on the East Coast. It's so green and beautiful. The kids loved being at the beach so much. 

 Asher just looks life a surfer. He's been wanting to learn for a while. Neither Nate nor I know how to surf, so Asher is starting with a skim board and hopefully will go to surfing camp next year.

 Most kids when they are at the beach look for shells. Emmy looks for families. She usually walks up and down the beach eying everyone up and trying to judge who will have the best snacks. The last couple of beach trips we have found her sitting on someone else's chair raiding their coolers. On this particular day Emmy wanted to be wrapped up in a towel, but she didn't want us to do it. She dragged the towel around to another family and had them wrap her up. She then proceeded to walk into the water and wasn't so happy anymore.
 This crew makes my heart so happy.

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  1. Adorable....EmmyLu is like her Aunt Melody who used to go into Thai neighbors homes and raid their rice cookers and sometimes their steamed fish.