Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Emmy's Fall Fashion Advice

By now you may by missing the summer weather and longing to get out your summer wardrobe again. Emmy has a fashion tip for you. Take a fall outfit and casually layer a bathing suit over it. You will have the comfort of fall clothes with the feeling of summer. She recommends borrowing a larger bathing suit from a friend (or in her case a sister) so you have ample room to move around.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips from Emmy. I'm sure she will have plenty of winter suggestions.


  1. Great advice, Emmy! I love to keep summer going in my wardrobe. I expect to see your new line of clothing at Macy's in the near future. Also, will you be modeling all your outfits? I think it will definitely promote your fashions!

  2. you have anything in your fashion line that won't accentuate bulges? :-) I do love the ruffles on you, though. Nice choice.