Monday, June 2, 2014

Unexpected Birthdays

Ya know, life with little kids is full of unexpected events. Piper and Dexter are done with preschool for the year, so we now have to find things to do to occupy the mornings. Apparently three of the kids' stuffed animals have a birthday today. Such a major event can not go unnoticed, so we had a little party. One of Piper's friends is over for the day and she helped us celebrate. 

They all helped me mix the cake batter, and were more than willing to clean out the bowl. 

 The birthday animals were Baby Pooh Bear, Christmas Dog, and Lumpy the Elephant. Each one got his own candle on the cake.

I have a feeling it's going to be a very silly summer with these kids.


  1. I think you need more parties....Juno....other dolls and animals....OH! The birth of each new day!!! Yay! more cake! or birthday cookies....or birthday omlettes....pancakes....

  2. Any excuse for chocolate cake is a good thing!