Friday, June 20, 2014

Conflict Resolution

Apparently, there have been quite a few issues that have arisen amongst the stuffed animal community in our home. We decided to sit them all down today and create an environment where they could talk about their feelings. Overall I feel like it was a success. Elmo felt very sad about missing Piper's birthday party. Twilight Sparkle couldn't find her shoes (we did locate them thankfully). Two of the snowmen have been fighting with each other for quite a while and we all decided it will be for the best if they sleep in different rooms. Piper's new pink fish was extremely angry that she has been here for three days and has yet to acquire a name. Hopefully that will be resolved shortly. The kids were great facilitators and I think monthly meetings will be necessary. 


  1. good work.....that's really a shame about the snowmen! It just doesn't fit! hot. Oh well... separating them might be a good idea for a while.

  2. Sounds like they all need some more chocolate cake!