Friday, May 30, 2014

My girly girl

I find it delightful when I see parts of my personality in my children. It's also fun to see Nate in them as well. Asher loves to take apart toys and figure out how things work (I'll let you guess who he gets that from). All the kids have a mean stubborn streak (now I wonder who they take after?). 

What often baffles me are the traits that the kids have all on their own. So much of Piper's personality didn't come from either of us. She loves nothing more than dressing up and spending her day with lots of little girls. She is constantly asking for new dresses and to wear makeup. I wear makeup about 4 times a year, so she isn't mimicking me. A few weeks ago she asked to try on my wedding dress. It was fun to watch her in it. 

 I am so curious to see what Emmy will be like. I wonder how much Piper's influence will impact her personality.


  1. Piper looks so beautiful. It would be cute to use one of those pictures at her bridal shower one day.

  2. Those pictures of Piper are too precious! A vision of the future:)

  3. Piper looks like such a beautiful bride that I'm thinking NOOOOOOOO....she's too young...maybe to satisfy her urge you could find those cultural weddings where there is a little girl bride along with the regular bride....?