Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Little Pony Party

Piper's current obsession is My Little Pony. It was an obvious choice what her birthday party theme would be. I have a lot of fun planning parties, and this one was especially great. I have never met a child who likes birthdays as much as Piper. She was so excited for her party and was very appreciative for all the work we put into it. 

For any of your who aren't familiar with the current series, there are a lot of rainbows involved. I made a rainbow cake out of cupcakes and Piper loved it.

 We also had rainbow fruit kabobs. There is something very appealing about eating any food on a stick.
 My kids love having bounce houses at their parties. Dexter was very afraid of it this time and spent most of the time in the house.
 We had a few games to play. One of them was pin the tail on the pony. I'm glad I had extra tails since Emmy Lu tried to eat them earlier in the day.

 We also had a cutie mark (tattoo) station and nail painting. My friend Ashley ran that like a pro.
 A Niphakis party wouldn't be complete without a pinata.

 The kids actually broke it down, so Nate had to rip all the candy out of it.
 This was the loudest rendition of Happy Birthday ever. EVER.

Piper had so much fun celebrating with her friends. I'm so glad we got to do this for her.


  1. nice job on the cake! looks like a fun party!

  2. Happy birthday Piper! Wish we could have been with you.

  3. Wow.....Pipes had alot friends at her party! looks like it was very very dashingly wonderful. Next time you have a My Little Pony party you should rig up a rope and harness and all the kids can fly in a circle, individually and pretend they are ponies. :-) I can imagine Pipers happy appreciative little smile and sparkling eyes. Another birthday down, countless more to come! Go, Birthday Pro, Go!