Saturday, April 5, 2014

If Dexter had a twin

I imagine this is what it would be like. He has a best bud these days and her name is Stella (Finley's little sister). They are both the third child in their families and are a lot alike (in looks and personality). They are wild and passionate and a ton of fun. She was over for the day and my heart broke on multiple occasions seeing them together. 

Dex got a birthday card that plays music (Thanks Aunt Katie) and they sat on the steps listening to it over and over. 

 Stella insisted on picking Dex some flowers.

One of my favorite things is seeing my kids with their friends. It is so special.


  1. I love how Stella's tummy bump!

  2. You are is one of those precious amazing things to see little ones who are so in tune with each other....often not even needing words....almost telekinetic communication...I'm so glad Dex has a sweet friend like that.