Monday, April 28, 2014

Cascade Hike

One of the hikes we took went along amazing cascades. The views were breathtaking. It wasn't as steep of a hike as the first day, so the kids had a lot more fun running around. 

 Trying to get a picture where someone isn't sticking their tongue out is next to impossible.
 It was a lot of fun being with Mel and Eric for the week. The kids loved playing with cousin Noelle, and she was certainly entertained by them.
 Emmy Lu did really well in the carrier. I think she really liked the fresh air.
 Nate loved being able to explore and climb on things. Asher is like him in so many ways.

 Dex did so well hiking around. He did most the the hikes on his own. He also has some big news. He is potty trained. He had no trouble doing it, and I probably should have tried it a lot sooner.


  1. sounds like the perfect holiday in many glad for you all to have this wonderful time together. to have my kids and kiddies all enjoying the outdoors blesses my heart because I know this will bless you as much and perhaps more than it blesses me...when I'm outside seeing all God has designed and knowing that I'm meant to enjoy it fills me with wonder and I can't keep from smiling right from my heart inside to outside. When I think of Piper, Asher, Dexter, EmmyLu, and Noelle enjoying it too, with their parents, the blessing and joy is multiplied 100 fold! as it is when the other kids and kiddies, in San Diego and here. Pipes is such a trooper keeping up with you all....and Dex...congratulations on your "pottyhood". God grant continual opportunities to be filled with His wonder and creativity and power and joy.

  2. What a great time! Thanks again for including us! :)