Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dexter is 3


  Today you turned 3. There are a few days I wish I could relive and the day you were born was one of them. When your dad announced you were a boy and I got to hold you for the first time I was so overcome. That moment was so perfect. I was so curious to see if you would be more like Piper or Asher. It turns out you aren't really like either of them, you are just Dexty. Don't tell your siblings, but you are my favorite these days. You alone have the ability to turn me into a puddle of mush. Your sweetness just kills me. You are still my little clown and constantly make me laugh. You are very kind to your friends and to your siblings. You have such a thankful heart (you thank me for the same thing over and over, and often months later). I can not adequately express how much I love you and how grateful to God I am for you. 

We are having a small party for you tomorrow, but today we got to celebrate as a family. You love rockets and anything space related these days. We got you this rocket and I think you really liked it.
 I'm sorry, but as the third child you will always have to share. You actually don't mind and love when anyone plays with you. Today you decided to wear your handsome shirt (your words). Asher, as usual stays in underwear as long as he can.
 Ember has recently discovered her feet and spent them morning eating them (but yet she isn't crazy about cereal).
 In the afternoon we drove up to VA. You were pretty stoked about getting ice cream even though you didn't finish your meal. Emmy Lu wasn't too happy about anything today.
 One of my hopes for this year is your relationship with Asher. I hope as you both get older you actually like each other more. Having a brother is one of the best things in my life and I hope you two feel the same way.
 Right now you love your stuffed animals and have a plethora to sleep with. There are about 11 that you must have at bed time. It is usually an exhausting activity trying to find them all. We took you to Build-A-Bear and you seemed to have a good time. You picked out a heart to put in your bear, and you also stole an additional one and put it in your pocket.
 The bear needed his first bath, and you took that job very seriously.
 Right now you attend lots of your siblings' sporting activities. You are DYING to play something. I really think you are going to be my sports kid. A soccer bear is what you wanted.
Happy Birthday little buddy. I can't wait to see what this year is going to bring for you.


  1. wow...your babies are all so grown up, and such wonderful amazing people. I can't wait to see you again....SOON! I think Ember looks like Noelle when she cries! haha.

  2. wow, you did such great things for Dexter's BD....I can't believe he's only 3....I feel like I've known him forever. Love love love the's positively absolutely wonderful. and it's nice he has siblings to play with....and EmmyLu is growing so big and so much and I'm sad to think we are like strangers! What a little doll. I think in Greek its called, a little Kukala....something like that. thank you so much for sharing.....