Monday, April 21, 2014


The kids have spring break this week, so we rented a cabin in Gatlinburg Tennessee. The weather is amazing and it is so nice to enjoy time together. Nate's sister Melody and her family are also with us. We took a long hike yesterday to a beautiful waterfall. 

The kids are loving the freedom the Smoky Mountains offers here. 
 Piper insisted on hiking in a skirt. She is ever the little lady.

 Dex desperately tries to keep up with his older siblings. For the most part he does really well.

 Asher captured a slithering creature. We also saw a few bears on our drive here.
 I am so thankful to have a week to relax with my favorite people.

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  1. yaaaaay...there you all are, hiking in the great smokey mountains, enjoying the world God made, feeling free to enjoy it all together....the kids must be in their much to discover and learn and feel and see and smell and hear. I'm so happy for you.