Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Words With Kids

I am constantly amazed by the things that I say to my kids. Here are a few examples from the last few days.

"Marshmallows are not an appropriate breakfast option"

"Yes, you have to wipe and flush EVERY time you go to the bathroom"

"Stop picking your nose with the screw driver"

"Do not sled down the stairs in the hamper again"

"If you are going to play in the snow you need to wear more than boots and underpants"

"You can not carry Luke Skywalker around (the fish)"

"Stop playing tug of war with Dexter"

"No, I don't think the tooth fairy will bring a thousand dollars for your tooth"

"Please don't try and sit in the hermit crab container again"

"Dirty dishes belong in the kitchen sink, not the bathroom sink"

"Don't put your pretend bread in the real toaster"

"You can't put a bandaid on your tongue"

"Don't lick Juno (our dog)"


  1. haha!! I was going to choose a favorite, but can't decide!

  2. This made me laugh so hard! Those funny kids :)

  3. Ha! Yes, I had to say "It is not okay to run across the top of our SUV" the other day... kind of thought that was a given, but I guess not!

  4. I think I like Don't lick Juno the best :-)
    Well, you gotta admit that kids have alot of optimism in what they CAN do even though they shouldn't .... Also, I think I know each one you spoke to....hahahahaha. love my kiddies!

  5. Excellent. And probably all just today!

  6. Your house is funnier than Bill Cosby's.

  7. Okay, so I want to know who was using the screwdriver and who wanted to leave behind their clothing to play in the snow? Seems to me I said the same words about the fish about 25 years ago!