Sunday, January 19, 2014

My First Video

Before Ember was born I realized I had very little video footage of the kids. There are lots of pictures, but I really want to capture them now, since they are little. We got a new camera the week Emmy was born and I've been having fun taking little videos. This is the first one I put together. The song sums up the way I feel. Life is so much better with them. 


  1. Now I have a bunch of smiles inside that will last a good long time....totally adorable...You did good! Great song, too. And a great reminder when the kids have unadorable moments :-) ....that's the wonder of working on music video like sticks in your your head... in your heart. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. How wonderful! You captured them perfectly! Nate's voice in the background adds a special touch!