Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day

Every few years we get a little bit of snow down here. The kids were VERY excited to have off from school and play outside. 

 I stepped outside to snap a few pictures and this guy came charging at me. I quickly disappeared inside!

 This little girl had a lot of fun inside. I can't handle her sweetness. I am so glad I have a baby to cuddle right now.
 In the afternoon our favorite Simpson kids came over. I made cake pops, and they were a big hit. I had to stop Bennett and Piper from licking the sprinkles off the table when we were done.


  1. This is Mum...but Melody's account for some reason...gotta change it...God is soooooo wonderful to provide you with some snow....this has been a good snow year for the kids.... which reminds me I have once again forgotten to make a snow angel outside on our front lawn.... I am glad, though, that the kids are not here in that we are having sub zero weather in the mornings. And EmmyLu, what a little peanut with her tongue sticking out. I'm happy, too, you have a little one to cuddle. Have fun my kiddies.

  2. Hey, sorry about that mom! Ally, little Emmy Lu is really plumping up. She is so precious!