Sunday, February 9, 2014

Four Months

Emmy Lu is four months old now. At her last check up she weighed in at 12 pounds 13 ounces. This is the exact weight Piper was at this age. That puts her in the 10th percentile for weight. Unlike her sister, she is in the 65th percentile for height (she clearly gets that from me).

She still enjoys her little flower baths, but is starting to run out of room.

 Little Emmy can roll completely across the room now. She started rolling from her back to her tummy, and now figured out how to do both. It's hilarious to watch, because she doesn't like it. She can't stop herself from doing it, and she always gives these faces. It's like she can't figure out what keeps happening.
 To keep her from the endless cycle of rolling and crying I put her in the bumbo. She tolerates it.
I have such a mixture of feelings as she develops new skills. I love watching it all happen, but I'm sad that she seems to be in a hurry to leave babyhood behind.


  1. Wow! She's changing so much! I love her hairdo!

  2. what a little darlin'....and I agree with Mary....I too love her hairdo! And she looks like a little flower fairy when she is in her bath flower! So new and sweet and innocent. How funny her rolling surprises her. If she gets startled with rolling it could be an ear thing.