Monday, December 2, 2013


We had a very relaxed Thanksgiving this year. My brother came down for a few days and is always a big hit with the kids. There was quite a bit of fighting over Uncle Matty for the week. 
 He couldn't sit down without someone climbing up next to him.
 The wonderful Day family came over in the afternoon for dinner.
 It was really fun cooking and hosting this year.

 Nate made the Baked Alaska Pie and I did the pecan. It's fun being married to someone who enjoys cooking and baking. We enjoyed spending most of the day in the kitchen together.


  1. hooray for Uncle Matt....hooray for the Day's....hooray for a holiday like thanksgiving.....hooray for variety in food...hooray for love of cooking....hooray for kids that love their Uncles (and Aunties).... hooray for you.....(hooray = praise the Lord)

  2. Wow...maybe we'll have to visit you next year for Thanksgiving! Looks so yummy!