Thursday, December 26, 2013


We headed up North last week. We spent some time in York with Nate's parents and now we are at mine. On Christmas day we went to Nate's grandparents in New Jersey. It was a really fun day. When the boys got a bit too crazy Nate and Harmony took them for a walk. 
 Piper was quite the sassy pants. She was very happy to receive a plethora of My Little Ponies.
 Getting a normal shot of these two will probably never happen.
 Ember has done pretty well this trip. Nate's family vied over who got to hold her yesterday. She enjoyed all the attention.

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  1. beautiful pictures....beautiful memories....I didn't see a picture of Asher jumping on the ice covered puddles and soaking his shoes at the harbor.... piper was really hamming it up, and pretending to be the total disney princess taking the corner of her dress and bringing it up to her oh my....i think ballroom dancing is in order for her....the waltz with big swirly dresses... emmy lu did very well....