Monday, December 16, 2013

According to Dexter

I have a guest speaker on the blog today. It is Dexter. He would like to present to you a list of things that I did today to make him upset.

7:55- You offered me milk. I didn't want it, so I calmly responded by hurling it across the room.

7:58- I wanted milk, but you refused to go across the room to pick it up for me.

8:00- You gave me 7 pancakes. I only wanted 6.

8:05- You closed the refrigerator door after I opened it.

8:06- You closed the refrigerator door again. I really wanted it to stay open.

8:07- You refused my request for Cheez-its.

8:10- You took my pajamas off.

8:11- You put socks on my feet that didn't match. 

8:30-You made me carry my backpack to the car. 

12:00- You buckled me in my car seat after school. I really wanted to ride in the front seat.

12:30- I requested eggs for lunch, but you got them out of the wrong container.

12:40- You gave me eggs for lunch. I didn't want them anymore.

1:15- You put me down for a nap.

1:17- You gave me the wrong orange book.

3:00- You wouldn't let me have a cookie after my nap. 

3:20-You put me in time out when I emptied dog food all over the kitchen floor.

3:30- You put me in time out again when I poured water all over the hallway. 

3:45- You told me I couldn't wash my hands anymore.

3:50- You wouldn't let me sit on the counter and throw the bananas on the floor.

5:15- You fed me chili for dinner. I responded by spitting it all over my shirt.

5:16- You took my shirt off.

6:00- You made me put a new shirt on. I prefer not wearing clothes.

6:45- You wouldn't give me any dessert. 


  1. Sounds like a banner day, Dexter. Thank God for spill proof sippy cups and a Mommy with lots of patience! Some day when you have a little boy like yourself you will have a different perspective! Tomorrow is another day! (Hopefully, for your mommy's sake not at all like today!

  2. Oh my goodness. So funny, but I'm also sorry. You are in the trenches, Ally!

  3. Dexty, Dexty,'s not right that you are so adorable when you are monstrously unreasonable. I wonder what age reason kicks in. Good thing mommy knows about unconditional love from God and she and daddy are doing their best to love you that way....but there are still consequences to your no snacks.... and no happy one on one mommy time if she has to keep taking care of your messes. So, do you want your mommy's back to you while she picks up or deals with the mess...or do you want to be next to mommy while she reads you a book or lets you show her a toy? And I hope you only act that way with mommy and will be better behaved when you stay with Gramma and Grampa :-) you rascally rascal, you!