Monday, December 9, 2013

Rainy Afternoons

While so many of our friends and family are dealing with snow and ice this week we just have rain. The kids love hanging out in front of the fireplace and staying warm. 

Juno is pretty much the best dog ever. She is perfect with the kids and puts up with a lot. The kids repay her kindness by dropping enormous amounts of food on the floor at every meal. 

 Emmy Lu, my current snuggle bug. There are no words to describe how much I love her.
 This guy. All day long he goes around saying "Dexter es funny". He sure is. Dexty is pretty much the best two year old right now (I was not saying that about 3 months ago). He is definitely my buddy these days.
 And lastly, princess Piperella. She is still sweet and girly, and completely in love with her sister.
 She also wanted to contribute a silly shot for the day.
Hanging out with these hams on a rainy day is awesome.


  1. nice to see these pictures....good ole miss juno. I love thinking of you all hanging out by the fireplace....I'm sure you need it. We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday and by noon the streets were dry and fine...we are gearing up for another snow early tomorrow a.m through the a.m and early afternoon. Makes you want to be cozy inside and look out the window. Little Emmy Lu has such a beautiful mouth! Can't wait to give all my kids a hug and snuggle.